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Carpet Cleaning And Pest Control Brisbane, Logan & Ipswich

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    Carpet Cleaning And Pest Control Brisbane,Ipswich

      Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

      Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane, Logan and IpswichCarpet Cleaning child safe Pest Control Brisbane – From $69

      Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

      • Carpet Cleaning
      • Spot and stain removal
      • Deep carpet cleaning using hot water extraction
      • Upholstery cleaning and protection
      • End of Lease Carpet cleaning
      • Stain Protection
      • Mattress cleaning
      • Deodoriser


      Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

      As carpets can cost thousands of dollars the correct procedures have to be followed to protect the fibres and to avoid re-soiling.

      Steam cleaning is the only method recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

      We serve residential and commercial clients in Brisbane, Logan & Ipswich.

      We offer the highest quality service at competitive prices.

      We can remove stains left by tea, coffee, wine, mud, soot, urine, blood and all the little spills and accidents of modern living.

      We made every effort to physically remove as much soil as possible from carpet during cleaning. We take all steps to leave carpet fibres as residue-free as possible to prevent accelerated re-soiling.

      Try us and you won’t be disappointed.



      As with carpet cleaning all upholstery cleaning is carried out following strict guidelines.

      This involves first determining what the material is to be cleaned, so the correct detergent can be applied, followed by a thorough vacuum.

      An average 3-piece suite takes about 3 hours to clean and as with carpets drying time depends on the material being cleaned.

      Synthetic (man made) fibres can dry within the hour whereas natural fibres such as cotton can take a few hours.

      Carpet cleaning in Brisbane

      Cleaning and dusting on regular basis is important for every individual who owns a home or office. Without cleaning on regular basis, layers of dirt and dust can spoil your living space and can cause various diseases. In order to cope with these problems, you must make it a point to clean up your carpets frequently and keep your home pest free. In order to implement the same, you must get in touch with Dinno’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Services in Brisbane. We make sure that our clients are entirely satisfied with the performance of our staff. Just in case the client is not happy with anything, our trained employees will reach their doorstep and can even conduct the entire process of carpet cleaning all over again.

      What We Offer

      Here at Dinno’s Carpet Cleaning, we provide various services that can keep your house and office shining always. Our list of premium services include carpet and rugs cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, Spot and stain removal, deep carpet cleaning through hot water extraction, upholstery cleaning and protection, end of lease carpet cleaning, satin protection, mattress cleaning, deodorizer and more. All these services are performed in a manner that customer shall not complain about anything later.

      As a matter of fact, steam cleaning is highly recommended by most of the carpet manufacturers in Brisbane and rest of the Australia. This is because it’s an apt way to get rid of excessive dust from your home in a perfect way. Using other means of carpet cleaning are not as effective as this one. Thus, people in Brisbane must not go anywhere else except for Dinno’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Services.

      Affordable & Quality Services

      We, at Dinno’s Carpet Cleaning, make it a point to provide affordable cleaning and pest control services to our clients. We do not like to charge a single extra penny for our services. We make sure that our clients are totally satisfied by the quality of our services and they don’t take any stress regarding the prices. So, whether you want to remove pests from your home or you wish to get your rugs cleaned, get in touch with us at Dinno’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control.

      Feel free to contct us for Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Marsden, Springwood, Brisbane Southside, Park Ridge.